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We are excited about the development opportunities that exist today. Our communities, which have been historically marginalized, have now developed an appetite to develop their communities and live in better conditions. It is our mission, as a built environment professional, to help them reach their developmental goals. Partner with us as we attempt to meet our communities needs. Since our beginning, we noticed that our people need us to be proactive and work with them to identify developmental opportunities that can both improve their living conditions and create wealth for them. We are ready for the challenge. Partner with us

: AIMH CIVIL ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD : Cr Helston Street & Newquay Rd, New Redruth, 2nd floor office No. S43 Alberton, Johannesburg 1449, Gauteng, South Africa : (011) 776 9277 : (27) 60 500 3595 :
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